FAQ on the closing of the libraries

All libraries are currently closed due to Covid restrictions

We have gathered the most common questions on the closing and reopening of the libraries.

When do you expect the libraries to reopen?

We expect to reopen on February 8th - we follow the guidelines of the government and the health authorities – check our opening hours.

How do I get in touch with the library?

Contact us through our web or send us an email to biblioteket@frederiksberg.dk

Reservation, pickup and return of loans

Is it possible to reserve books?

No, as long as the libraries are closed it is not possible to reserve books at www.fkb.dk or at bibliotek.dk. You may save titles you want to reserve with “My liste” at our website or with “Huskeliste” if you use the library app, Biblioteket.

I did not pick up my reservation before your close down. Can I pick up the book when you reopen?

Yes. If you have an active reservation ready for pick up before December 9th you can pick it up after reopening for a limited period. Further information will follow at our website when the date for reopening is confirmed.

Can I return my books?

No. As long as the libraries are closed, you cannot return your loans. Try to renew your loans online at www.fkb.dk or with the library app, Biblioteket, available at Google Play or App Store. We do not charge any fees during the close down.

Is it possible to renew my loans?

Yes. Renew at www.fkb.dk or at the library app, Biblioteket. If you have a mobile number on your library account, you may also renew by texting "FKB FORNY ALLE" to 1919. If you encounter difficulties or have any questions, please send us an email at biblioteket-sag@frederiksberg.dk.

Do I have to pay fees if my loans exceed the return date?

No, we do not charge any fees during the closing period. You still have to pay fees from before December 9th

Can I pay my fees?

Yes, you may pay online at www.fkb.dk with credit card or Mobile Pay or with the app, Biblioteket with Mobile Pay. You may also pay at the library when we reopen.

If you have any questions regarding fees please send us an email at biblioteket-sag@frederiksberg.dk.

Online services

Is it possible to access any online services?

Yes, if you live at Frederiksberg and if you are a member of our library, you can access a variety of online services. See the complete list of online services here: https://fkb.dk/e-materialer

Can I become a member online?

Citizen services / Borgerservice at the library

I need a key card – can you issue a new key card at the library?

No. As long as the libraries are closed, we do not issue any Nem ID or key cards. Contact the Citizen Service in Frederiksberg on 38212121 or the Citizen Service in Copenhagen at 33663366 www.kk.dk/borgerservice-coronainfo

Activities at the library

Do you offer any activities at the library during close down?

No, all activities are closed due to Covid restrictions including regular activities. Follow the activities at https://fkb.dk/arrangementer

If you have further questions, please phone send us an email at biblioteket@frederiksberg.dk or call us at 38211800 (Monday-Friday from 10 am-4 am).