Books, magazines and newspapers

Homesick? Read your favorite author in your own language or get your local news at the library.

You will find a wide selection of books in different languages:

We also have books for children in many languages - visit our Childrens department for more information.


Through Press Reader you get acess to today's newspapers from 100 countries in 60 languages, including some Danish newspapers.

If you live in Frederiksberg and are registered as a member, you may access PressReader directly from home.

In the Newspaper Reading Room at the Central Library you will find current issues of these international newspapers: The Guardian, The Observer, Süddeutsche Zeitung, die Zeit, le Monde and  Liberation. 


Furthermore you will find current issues of more than 1000 periodicals and magazines.

Through RB Digital you get acess to a large number of e-magazines in English, from The Economist, Science and National Geographic to Cosmopolitan, Country Living and Rolling Stone.