VOLUNTEERmatch Frederiksberg

VOLUNTEERmatch matches volunteers and volunteer jobs. If you want to become a volunteer, but are in doubt what you are looking for or how to get started, VOLUNTEERmatch Frederiksberg can help.

You will find VOLUNTEERmatch Frederiksberg at the Main Library at Falkoner Plads 3.

Contact Volunteer Coordinator Bibi Agger and ask for an interview. You can call 28 98 18 70 or write to frivilligmatch@frederiksberg.dk. Then we will contact you.

In connection with the interview, we can guide you as follows:

  • Clarifying which tasks and volunteer jobs will suit you
  • Finding examples of volunteer work you might enjoy
  • Contacting places that are looking for volunteers and have posted volunteer jobs.